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Yoga Classes

Class Descriptions

Chair Yoga

This class is designed to address the needs and desires of students who would like to enjoy the benefits of yoga without getting down to the floor. Practice will focus on sitting and standing poses, with an emphasis on core strength, flexibility, and balance. Limited to 12 students and taught by a Physical Therapist with a specialty in rehabilitation and aging populations.

Level 1

No previous experience. You must be able to get up and down off the floor; it’s ok to use a chair. We will do poses supine, prone sitting and standing. Balance is introduced. The classes are very gentle. Questions are encouraged. Establishes basic yoga principles and body awareness.

Level 2

A wider variety of standing poses are practiced. More work on standing balance. More basic strength and flexibility. Poses are held longer. Gentle back bends are introduced. Good review for those who have had some previous yoga experience.

Level 2-3

Level 2-3 provides a bridge between the basic work of level 2 and the more challenging level 3 practice. Longer hold strength building and deeper stretches are included, as well as balance poses and stepping through from dog pose. Prop use will be encouraged to make these more challenging poses accessible. Any forward bending will be limited.

Level 3

Complete range of standing poses, including standing balance poses. Begin preparation for inversions, but no actual inversions practiced. Gentle forward and back bends. Deeper work on flexibility.

Level 3-4

Refining work on standing and balance poses. Begin practicing inversions; shoulder stand and handstand, both at the wall. Preparation for head stand and forearm balance. Arm balances such as Bakasana introduced.

Level 4

Refining and deepening poses. Holding poses longer. Inversions, backbends and sitting forward bends are all practiced.

Level 5

Our most advanced class. A wide variety of poses are taught at a more intense pace, with more challenging sequences. Student should be injury free, have several years if yoga experience and be ready for all poses. Many poses are held for an extended period of time. Julie prefers to know the student for a term before they come to Level 5, so there are no surprises and she knows they are ready for the challenge. This is a two hour class.

Athlete Levels

These classes are specifically designed to complement athletic training, especially running and cycling. These classes focus on stretching, joint alignment and upper body strength. These classes are faster moving then regular level classes and work on stamina. DeeAnn’s level 2 class is equivalent to Athlete’s 1-2.


Please call the yoga coordinator at (503) 223-8157 to discuss the appropriate Paxson Yoga Center/Gudmestad Yoga Tradition level for you and find out about class availability. Many classes are full when the term begins, so we suggest you register at least a month before the term begins to assure your place in class. We also suggest you start your class at the beginning of the term for continuity of instruction, however we may allow you to join a class later as space allows.

Students practicing with us for the first time are eligible for the New Student Special: Half-off tuition for your first term, and 20% off retail and special classes (Special Focus and Monthly Restoratives) during the Term. This discount does not apply to Anatomy Courses taught by Julie Gudmestad.

Registrations are for full terms only. Once registered, your place in class is assured for the term, so there are no refunds for late drops. Special consideration is given on a case by case basis.

Click here to download registration forms.


Make ups

During the pandemic, we have altered our make up policy to be as follows:
All term classes are recorded and sent to your email. These recordings will serve as your make up. If you aren’t able to attend a class, just access the recording in your email. You will have access to these recordings for the entire term, so you’ll have lots of flexibility for practicing at a more convenient time or doing makeups if you miss the class.

Withdrawing from Class/Refunds

Yoga class or classes dropped within the first 2 weeks of the term will be refunded, to your MindBody Online account, minus the cost of the class or classes that have already taken place, whether or not you attended.

Workshop Return Policy

We have a 24-hour return policy for workshops. You must cancel 24 hours prior to the event for a refund to your MindBody Online account.

Class Cancellations

We may cancel a class if a teacher is sick, has an emergency, or if the weather is inclement. We will send out an email notification to all students in the affected class(es). A recording will be sent out as soon as possible to replace the cancelled class.


What is the parking situation at the new location on Macadam Ave.?

There is a small parking lot at the location on Macadam, however it will be reserved for PT patients and those who have permission to park there. For all others, there is street parking in the neighborhood and Willamette Park is directly behind the studio where there is plenty of parking. Enter the park at Nebraska Street. The hourly parking fee for vehicles without trailers is $1 per hour. No fee is required before 9:00am or after 3:00pm from Labor Day until Memorial Day. During the summer months, no fee is required before 9:00am or after 5:00pm. For more information follow this link.

What time should I arrive for class?

Plan to arrive about 15 minutes early for your first class so you can get acquainted with the space and your instructor.

What should I bring?

We have everything you’ll need for a safe, comfortable practice, but feel free to bring your own mat and props if you have them. Please wear comfortable clothing that isn’t too loose. Baggy clothes tend to get in the way of movement, and can make it difficult for your instructor to see the alignment of your poses.

Is there a place for me to get changed?

Not at this time, except for the bathrooms. We have cubbies in the lower lobby where you can store your personal belongings.

Can I reserve a spot in the next term?

Yes, we give returning students priority with a sign-up sheet near the end of each term. This helps ensure you get into your preferred class.

What happens if the class I want is full?

We keep a wait list active through most of the term. We will contact you if a spot opens up. You can ask to be added to the wait list for the following term if you don’t get in.