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Who We Are

Train the Body, Steady the Mind, Expand the Spirit

Julie Gudmestad

Optimal Health

Practicing yoga poses improves strength, flexibility and balance, and helps us achieve our best health, function, and enjoyment of life.

Practice Compassion

Compassion begins at home. As we practice poses, we learn to listen and make good choices, no matter our age or ability. This helps us develop compassion for ourselves, which then spreads to other beings.

Develop Mindfulness

As we pay attention to cues and our breathing during our poses, we learn to be present in the moment. Yoga practice is meditation in action.

About Us

We are located in Portland, OR. Founded by Julie Gudmestad, Paxson Yoga Center/Gudmestad Yoga Tradition is an Iyengar based practice, heavily influenced by our physical therapy and anatomy background. We operate like a school with terms for continuity of practice. Our many levels make the practice accessible to most everyone, whether you are recovering from an injury, dealing with a physical condition or an athlete with tight muscles, we have a class appropriate for you.

By participating in full-length terms, students will:

• Work at a more appropriate level of challenge with others at similar levels of experience

• Build a foundation of knowledge, strength and consistency

• Receive more individual attention

We offer three terms each year, each lasting from 8 to 11 weeks. Fall term begins in late September, followed by Winter term beginning in January, then Spring term beginning right after a short Spring Break, usually beginning the first week of April, and ending just before Memorial Day. In the summer, we break from our regular schedule offering simplified levels of drop-in classes, so you can come as your schedule permits.


Integrating modern medical training in physical therapy with the ancient practice of yoga, Paxson Yoga Center/Gudmestad Yoga Tradition is dedicated to improving the lives of those we touch.

Paxson Yoga Center/Gudmestad Yoga Tradition stresses a balance between strength and flexibility, building endurance, and developing self-awareness through precise movement, posture and breath. By emphasizing proper form and alignment, students can reverse the effects of gravity while relieving the tensions of everyday life.

Those recovering from an injury can work toward regaining previous levels of strength and flexibility without fear of being pushed beyond their limits or experiencing additional pain or discomfort.

Because we work on positions sitting, standing and lying on the floor, students must be able to get up from and down to the floor on their own, except in the Chair Yoga class.

We also work with athletes to increase their power and speed. An exceptional form of cross-training, yoga classes specifically designed for athletes help restore the body’s natural balance and improve overall athletic performance.

Regardless of an individual’s level of experience, each class is an opportunity to leave stress and worry behind while giving each student a chance to restore mental and physical well-being.


“I have been attending Gudmestad/Paxson Yoga Studio for over 15 years. I have loved the levels structure with Iyengar poses and the careful supervision through all those years from my various teachers. Recently my challenges have caught up with me, but even with these I have been able to receive safe, adapted workouts and poses that have addressed sciatic attacks, back issues and bouts of vertigo. I am so grateful to maintain a yoga practice with the supportive guidance I have at this yoga studio. I thank all the teachers and staff that make this possible.”

“At a certain point in my aging process I realized that this body was not holding up to be able to do the things I wanted to do. As I started seeking a solution that would work for me, my youngest daughter encouraged yoga. I tried a couple of classes, but they did not provide an educational process. It was just come and do this by example. Since I had physical issues I worried that I might do more damage to my body than good until my daughter took me to her yoga studio where all the teachers know and teach body mechanics along with the yoga. This wonderful place helped me improve my balance, helped strengthen and limber me up. In addition, the practice itself has helped me learn to be in the present, listening to and using my breath even now to withstand the stress of having my husband in a wheelchair for 2-3 months while maintaining near quarantine to keep us safe.
Thank you Gudmestad/Paxson Yoga Center!”

“I had been doing yoga for years in Illinois when I was diagnosed with spondilolithesis and doctors said to quit yoga, so I did. I moved to Portland when I retired and tried Pilates where I pulled a muscle, because I was used to holding poses in yoga instead of moving fast. I saw a PT and told her my dilemma. She said, “Why don’t you take yoga from a PT who would understand your problem.” She told me about Gudmestad Yoga and gave me Stuart’s card. That was 13 years ago! At age 78, I am still doing yoga with wonderful teachers who understand my body’s challenges.”

“A firm grounding in anatomy, alignment and Iyengar yoga. Taught with kindness and compassion.”

“I was scared of trying yoga again, because every time I had tried it in the past at several different health club classes, I ended up hurting myself. My friend begged me to try Gudmestad Yoga and it was truly and wonderfully different. They TEACH you yoga at Gudmestad/Paxson Yoga Center, correctly and safely (step by step). I’ve been going to Laila’s and Beth’s classes for several years now and yoga has solved many physical ailments for me and I have never hurt myself in class.”

“Yoga in the Gudmestad Tradition has made it possible for me to return to yoga quickly and safely after surgeries and illness. Now into my 80’s, I’m comfortable I can continue to practice safely with the knowledgeable, caring teachers at Paxson Yoga Studio.”