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“I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years. When I moved to Portland in 2019, the Paxson Yoga and Wellness Center was recommended to me. At that time it was the Gudmestad Yoga Studio. This center is one of the best studios I have practiced at and I have been to many yoga studios over the years. Their emphasis on function, anatomy, and alignment has helped my practice tremendously.

In the last four years of my yoga practice with such capable teachers, I have realized my need to build more strength, besides flexibility. As a result, my recent five-year bone scan showed that I went from signs of osteopenia to NORMAL bone health. My primary care provider was impressed! She encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing. Those standing poses made a big difference! I highly recommend Paxson Yoga Center for beginners through experienced yogis. It has a team of very knowledgeable teachers!”

– Sheila

“Even on gloomy days, after my class with Beth at Paxson Yoga Center, I walk out feeling taller, stronger and happier, because I know I am doing something that is good for my posture and balance. As I age, I want to continue the positive journey I started with Laila, caring for my body and my mind. Yoga is my pathway to those goals. The positive and encouraging atmosphere at Paxson Yoga Center creates a calming community of wellness.  Now after the Covid-19 pandemic, being able to be in the studio receiving personalized attention is wonderful! Thank you for helping me work at accomplishing my goals.”
– K.L.H.

“I have been attending Gudmestad/Paxson Yoga Studio for over 15 years. I have loved the levels structure with Iyengar poses and the careful supervision through all those years from my various teachers. Recently my challenges have caught up with me, but even with these I have been able to receive safe, adapted workouts and poses that have addressed sciatic attacks, back issues and bouts of vertigo. I am so grateful to maintain a yoga practice with the supportive guidance I have at this yoga studio. I thank all the teachers and staff that make this possible.”
– Jill

“At a certain point in my aging process I realized that this body was not holding up to be able to do the things I wanted to do. As I started seeking a solution that would work for me, my youngest daughter encouraged yoga. I tried a couple of classes, but they did not provide an educational process. It was just come and do this by example. Since I had physical issues I worried that I might do more damage to my body than good until my daughter took me to her yoga studio where all the teachers know and teach body mechanics along with the yoga. This wonderful place helped me improve my balance, helped strengthen and limber me up. In addition, the practice itself has helped me learn to be in the present, listening to and using my breath even now to withstand the stress of having my husband in a wheelchair for 2-3 months while maintaining near quarantine to keep us safe. Thank you Gudmestad/Paxson Yoga Center!”
– JulieAnn

“I had been doing yoga for years in Illinois when I was diagnosed with spondilolithesis and doctors said to quit yoga, so I did. I moved to Portland when I retired and tried Pilates where I pulled a muscle, because I was used to holding poses in yoga instead of moving fast. I saw a PT and told her my dilemma. She said, “Why don’t you take yoga from a PT who would understand your problem.” She told me about Gudmestad Yoga and gave me Stuart’s card. That was 13 years ago! At age 78, I am still doing yoga with wonderful teachers who understand my body’s challenges.”
– Marianne

“A firm grounding in anatomy, alignment and Iyengar yoga. Taught with kindness and compassion.”

“I was scared of trying yoga again, because every time I had tried it in the past at several different health club classes, I ended up hurting myself. My friend begged me to try Gudmestad Yoga and it was truly and wonderfully different. They TEACH you yoga at Gudmestad/Paxson Yoga Center, correctly and safely (step by step). I’ve been going to Laila’s and Beth’s classes for several years now and yoga has solved many physical ailments for me and I have never hurt myself in class.”
– Carol

“Yoga in the Gudmestad Tradition has made it possible for me to return to yoga quickly and safely after surgeries and illness. Now into my 80’s, I’m comfortable I can continue to practice safely with the knowledgeable, caring teachers at Paxson Yoga Studio.”
– Barbara