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Yoga Levels Descriptions

Level 1

Establish basic yoga principles and body awareness in our Level 1 practice. We will practice seated, standing, supine, prone, and balance poses. No previous yoga experience is necessary.

Level 2

Practice a variety of seated, prone, supine, standing and balancing poses, while working on basic strength and flexibility. Gain experience with gentle backbends. This class is a good review if you’ve had some previous yoga experience.

Level 2-3

Work on longer holds for improved strength and deeper stretches for increased flexibility. Explore new balance poses, as well as stepping through from dog pose. We use props to make these more challenging poses accessible. This class is suitable for students with an established alignment-based practice.

Level 3

Practice a full range of poses, including gentle forward and back bends, standing balances, and inversion prep work. Cultivate deeper flexibility and strength through longer and more challenging postures. This class is suitable for students with an established alignment-based practice.

Level 3-4

Refine your standing and balance poses as we work with subtle cues and movements. Begin practicing inversions — shoulder stand and handstand at the wall — and prep for headstand and forearm balance. We introduce arm balances such as crow pose. This class is suitable for students with several years of practice.

Athletes Level 3-4

This class is specifically designed to complement athletic training, especially running and cycling. We focus on stretching, joint alignment, and upper body strength. The pace of this class is intense, designed to improve stamina. Previous yoga experience is recommended.

Iyengar Level 2 / PYC Level 4

In this class, students will encounter a wide range of postures including standing poses, beginning inversions, arm balances, twists, backward extensions, and forward bends. Longer holds will enable students to further refine the asanas while working on strength and stamina. For those students familiar with the Gudmestad method, Iyengar Level 2 is equivalent to a Level 4 class at Paxson Yoga.

Level 4-5

This 2-hour practice is our most advanced class, featuring a wide range of challenging poses taught at an intense pace. Students should be injury-free and have practiced alignment-based yoga for several years.