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Articles by Hope Fyfield, PT

Articles by Hope Fyfield, PT

Heart-hugging poses for grief

A Heart-Hugging Pose For Grief, February 2021

Heart opening. It sounds so lovely, doesn’t it? Expansive, loving, unafraid–only it feels very different when one is grieving. Especially in the early months after someone dear to you dies, it can feel like being cracked open. Even sometimes later, much later, there are times of deep sadness and mourning for those whom we lost. It’s in those times that we want to tuck our heart inside, well protected and safe, and feel propped and supported all around. The following restorative and restful pose may be helpful at times like these.

Suggested Prop List:
• 2-6 blankets, depending on whether or not you’re using pillows, plus more if you’re chilly

• Bolster or big pillow or 2 blankets rolled together

• Something dear to you that you could hold

Have all props set up and ready to use before lying down, as shown in the first photo.

1. Place 1-2 softly rolled blankets for a head support. Allow the head support to be slightly bigger towards the top of your head, so that your chin is lower than your forehead gently and comfortably.

2. Place 1 blanket on either side of you, partially folded so that the thicker part of the blanket is under the outer part of your shoulder and the thinner part is under each shoulder. You might feel gently hugged or cradled by the blankets.

3. Place either a bolster or a big pillow or 2 rolled blankets under your knees.

4. If desired, place a folded blanket on your chest. This could also be the dear item mentioned above, that you could hold onto by crossing your arms over it.

5. Have a blanket or cozy sweater close by if you’re feeling chilly. Something with a hood can be used to shade your eyes, or you might use an eyebag if you like. Socks might be nice.

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